Workshop Proceedings

Below you will find the proceedings of the first edition of the workshop on Requirements Engineering for Explainable Systems (RE4ES).

Workshop Proceedings

Title: Towards Perspicuity Requirements
Authors: Sarah Sterz; Kevin Baum; Anne Lauber-Rönsberg; Holger Hermanns
Presentation Slides: not available

Title: Explainability Auditing for Intelligent Systems: A Rationale for Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives
Authors: Markus Langer; Kevin Baum; Kathrin Hartmann; Stefan Hessel; Timo Speith; Jonas Wahl
Presentation Slides: Explainability Auditing

Title: Can Explanations Support Privacy Awareness? A Research Roadmap
Authors: Wasja Brunotte; Larissa Chazette; Kai Korte
Presentation Slides: Can Explanations Support Privacy Awareness?
Title: On the Relation of Trust and Explainability: Why to Engineer for Trustworthiness
Authors: Lena Kästner; Markus Langer; Veronika Lazar; Astrid Schomäcker; Timo Speith; Sarah Sterz
Presentation Slides: On the Relation of Trust and Explainability
Title: Holistic Explainability Requirements for End-to-End Machine Learning in IoT Cloud Systems
Authors: My-Linh Nguyen; Thao Phung; Duong-Hai Ly; Hong-Linh Truong
Presentation Slides: Holistic Explainability Requirements
Title: Cases for Explainable Software Systems: Characteristics and Examples
Authors: Mersedeh Sadeghi; Verena Klös; Andreas Vogelsang
Presentation Slides: Cases for Explainable Software Systems
Title: A Quest of Self-Explainability: When Causal Diagrams meet Autonomous Urban Traffic Manoeuvres
Authors: Maike Schwammberger
Presentation Slides: A Quest of Self-Explainability

Workshop Results

Below is the structured mind map that was jointly distilled by the workshop organizers from the workshop activities.

Download Mindmap