First International Workshop on Requirements Engineering for Explainable Systems (RE4ES)

RE4ES is co-located with the 29th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE 2021) Notre Dame, South Bend, USA

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About RE4ES

Explainability has become a hot topic and communities from different areas of knowledge have been researching it actively. The primary purposes of this workshop are to advance RE for explainable systems, build a community, and foster interdisciplinary exchange. We believe that the methods and techniques of the RE community would add a lot of value to the explainability research and also ensure that we develop such techniques in parallel to the needs of other communities. This workshop should work as a starting point in exploring synergies between the RE community and other communities that are already actively researching explainability. To achieve that, our agenda will be based on a mix of paper presentations, keynotes, and interactive activities to stimulate lively discussions.

Attention everyone! Our deadline was extended until July the 1st. Yaayyy! Use this opportunity to improve your manuscripts, or prepare a vision paper. We look forward to your submissions! 🙂

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I'm sure there is something for you there! Our workshop is interdisciplinary and does not focus only on the area of RE. We want to foster the dialog between communities. More details in our call for papers:

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Advance RE4ES

We foresee explainability as one of the key quality attributes for future systems. This workshop shall foster research by offering a platform that attracts research on and increase the visibility of the topic. We hope to create momentum and provide opportunities to combine research and practice towards explainability.

Community Building

This workshop aims to establish and strengthen links in the community and foster communication between researchers working in the different fields that research on explainability. We can interactively compare the state of the art, understand research gaps, and inspire new work.


Interdisciplinary Exchange

We have a vision of bringing researchers from different disciplines together to learn from them and propose solutions that fit the reality of research and practice. We are convinced that with the help of other research disciplines we can make a major contribution towards explainable software and explainable systems.

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